Our aim is to make property investment accessible and fun, and cut through the “jargon” and nonsense.

What's your dream?

Property is a phenomenal way to build long-term wealth – and even make a healthy short-term profit if you know what you’re doing. But it’s not easy, and nor is it inevitable.

Spear Property has over 20 years of experience in the UK property market. 

Spear Property was originally formed with the sole purpose of bringing an understanding of property investment, at an affordable price that is fair to everyone regardless of background. 


Our Approach

Do it with all passion and responsibility. Break out of your routine with a global perspective.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make money. 

We believe that everyone should choose the life they want to live

We believe that it’s time to do things differently, better and to the benefit of our clients, members and independent marketers. 

  • Networking with People-: When you join a Spear Property, you get to meet and network with other like minded people, some of who may be professionals in their different fields but all with the same goal.  
  • Opportunity to Make Money-: Spear Property provides more than one opportunity to make money from property.  Either make money as a client or as a Spear Property Consultant. 
  • Unlimited Earning Potentials-: As a Spear Property Club member and as a Spear Property Consultant you have opportunity to make money, but it is worth mentioning that the since you earn a percentage per sales you make, the potentials of making money is unlimited when compared to a fixed salary job.


Good business and the ability to provide outstanding opportunities are all about making others feel the excitement of what lies ahead, to the point where other investors feel like idiots because the idea wasn't theirs

We pride ourselves on our ability to ;

  1. Focus on intrinsic value. What a property is really worth – buying when we are convinced there is a substantial margin of safety between the property’s price and its intrinsic value and teaching those same practices to our members. 
  2. Have a clearly defined sense of where we are going, based on our competence, experience and the perceived opportunity set rather than artificial style‐box limitations.
  3. Pride ourselves on conducting in‐depth, proprietary, and fundamental research and analysis rather than relying on tips or paying attention to vacuous, minute‐to‐minute, tv‐news‐style analysis.
  4. Spend far more time analyzing and understanding micro factors ,such as a property’s competitive advantages and its growth prospects, instead of trying to make macro calls on things like interest rates, prices, and the economy.
  5. Understand and profit from the concept that sales cycles and property performance often revert to the mean, rather than assuming that the immediate past best informs the indefinite future.
  6. Act only when able to draw conclusions at variance to conventional wisdom, resulting in buying property that are out‐of‐favor rather than popular.
  7. Understand that beating the market requires assembling a portfolio that looks quite different from the market, not one that hides behind the safety of closet indexing.
  8. Focus on avoiding permanent losses rather than minimizing the risk of property‐price volatility.
  9. Focus on absolute returns, not on relative performance versus a benchmark.
  10. Consider property investing to be a marathon, with winners and losers among its practitioners best identified over periods of several years, not months

lauren brown


Lauren has worked in property for over 20 years 

Lauren believes that when it comes to investing, it is simply the process of determining the value underlying a security and then buying it at a considerable discount from that value. It is really that simple.


pino ciannella


Pino has spent the last 8 years helping others change their life.

Pino believes in helping others reach their goals and dreams